Client: Bathurst Regional Council

Project Milestones:

Milestone Date
1. Inception & project planning Week 1
2. Consultation planning/stakeholder identification/communication roles Week 3
3. Strategic analysis:

  • Desktop research
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Visitor survey (in Bathurst)
  • Market survey (Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast & Central NSW)
Week 12
4. Draft plan Week 15
5. Final plan for Council consultation 27 July

Project Documents (please note that documents will be added as they are developed)

Document release date & purpose 
15/5/2014 – Press release from Bathurst Regional Council on consultation & participation opportunities  BRC DMP Community Engagement MR
21/4/2014 Education Industry Stakeholder Workshop Invitation  BRC-DMP Education StakeholdersInvite
21/4/2014 Historical Stakeholder Workshop Invitation  BRC-DMP Historical Stakeholders Invite
21/4/2014 Tourism Partners Workshops Invitation  BRC-DMP Tourism Stakeholders Invitations
21/4/2014 Public workshops invitations  BRC-DMP Public Workshops Invitation