Feeling humbled….

As a Director of the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce, today I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon at the Dubbo RSL with past Gold Rhino winners and winners of the Jean Emile Serisier Roll of Honour Award.

To say that the event was humbling, does not quite capture the respect that these people deserve.

During the luncheon, event sponsor (past Jean Emile Serisier recipient) Bob Berry took the time to interview a large number of the attendees, asking them to talk about their business and their tie to Dubbo.

What came through with each of the speakers is that many of them had humble beginnings, but big goals; and all were passionate and committed to Dubbo and its community.

One of the common themes, was the commitment to customer service: Yes a number of these guys (and gals) were older, but was evident is that they were all willing to take a bit of a risk and they really understood what good customer service is: Knowing your customers, making them feel welcome and remembering them when they come back in.

Some quick facts: Rhino Promotions started in a back yard; Peter Milling celebrated 100 years of business this year; Roger Fletcher got approval for his abattoir in under 48 hours; EMS used Roger Fletcher’s train service to export 3 machines recently.

In a community like Dubbo, we are all connected: and supporting and celebrating local business successes is an important part of this community’s history.

With entries being extended to 7 August, 2015; its not too late to consider preparing a submission, with a view to joining these other winners on the Chamber’s honour role.