roots2 Our Roots

Prior to launching Seed Business Solutions, Megan Dixon spent happy and productive years working in Senior roles with Local Government and various Regional Development organisations in Queensland and NSW creating and managing their economic and business development programs and city marketing activities. The work included working with businesses to help them survive and grow, and negotiate their way through the quagmire of government red-tape required to survive and grow.

At Seed Business Solutions Megan has put the things she both enjoys and does best together—creating, sharing, writing, and helping local and grass roots organisations to plan, act and prosper.

Megan understands the unique challenges small businesses and member based associations face as well as how to identify and leverage opportunities to build and position your business for growth.

Seed Business Solutions is in the business of providing sole proprietors/small business/non-profit organizations services they do not have time to do for themselves or do not have the resources to hire a “Big Gun” consultant.

We love to help people, so please, let us help you!

Time to ShareThere is always room for improvement….

All of us here at Seed Business Solutions are glass half full people. It’s a defining personality trait that we can’t just switch on and off. You’ll feel it in our ideas, our process and even in the chats we’ll have while on site or working together to make a deadline.

We love discovering new things, trialing new technology and cloud solutions; and sharing our knowledge, so that you can get some quick wins in your business.

We also operate with a commitment to specific principles and promises that guide the way we work with you.


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