PickMeReduce risk, manage compliance, drive performance

At Seed Business Solutions, we work with you to develop HR systems that ensures that you are meeting your compliance needs and using your biggest asset (your people) to help drive your business.

We provide a number of levels of support, from HR administration services which allow you to off load the admin and focus on your business; through to strategic HR planning and recruitment, which allows you to ensure that your staff are aligned with your business.

We offer our clients:

  • Rapid resolution to common HR challenges
  • Best practices guidance and expertise to address complex issues such as compliance, pre-employment screening, termination procedures, safety plans, and employee record management

Our services include:

  • HR Reviews
  • Organisational development and planning
  • Development of roles
  • Performance planning and review system development
  • WHS audits
  • HR & WHS policy and procedure development – fit to your business
  • Enterprise Agreement facilitation
  • Team building
  • Workplace mediation

We are also an enableHR Certified Partner providing sales, implementation and training support.

To discuss your needs, why not give us a call today on 02 8001,1910 or simply lodge contact below.

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